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People choose smart home automation systems for better security

Park Associates director for research, Tom Kerber recently interacted with journalists and shared his opinion about technology that can make a home smart.

According to him, technology can improve any given house’s efficiency in several ways.  Smart energy saving systems can detect the homeowner’s location via his/her smartphone and then put all the electrical systems on ‘away’ mode until the homeowner comes back home. Smart cooling and heating systems collect user data and save energy by automatically adjusting the temperature in the house with the help of programmable thermostats. Cloud-based smart home systems can also indirectly help power companies by adjusting cooling and heating systems in the house during peak load times. You can refer to tips for home automation to know more about such systems.

Kerber pointed out that home automation systems offer details about power consumed by each and every appliance in the house. This helps people to realize how much energy they are wasting and further motivates them to take steps for reducing power consumption.


People prefer convenience instead of energy saving features

Believe it or not, according to Tom Kerber, people opt for smart home control systems because these units help them to keep track about activities in their house. While sitting in the office, parents can see if their kids have reached home. They can control home’s lighting system and electrical equipment.

“People are more bothered about their house’s security and their family. Individuals who purchase smart home systems for security do exist, but their numbers are lesser,”-said the research director.

Preferences vary from one part of the globe to the other

Zonoff Software’s CEO Mike Harris also shared his opinion about smart home devices. He pointed out that people’s preference varies according to their geographical location. People living in the Central American region are not concerned about energy cost, but they wish to use the latest technology. On the other hand, those living in California opt for smart home systems because they wish to save money on their power bill.

One must know how to use smart systems

Technology can prove to be of great use, but only if it is used in an appropriate manner. What would be the benefit if the homeowner installs smart heating and cooling system, but forgets to adjust schedules appropriately?  The user must activate all the systems and use them on a daily basis to get the best out of his/her investment.