Time Card Calculator to Increase the Productivity

Employers or human resource managers must have a time calculator that will help you to calculate the number of hours that their employees gave in the work hours for a day.  So that they will accurately calculate the number of delay or overtime they have to compute the salary they earn. This computation device is easy to control by just counting the number of minutes and hours in their work that their employees make in a day then equals their corresponding salary per hour based on tenure or position. A time card calculator sheet records the number of hours worked by a worker in a certain period of time. Every employee of a company has a record sheet that reflects the approximate salary accountable to them at the end of a certain period of time. The features of the time card when it is used in a company,

  • Report regular employee hours and overtime whenever and for any interval you wish such as Affordable Care Act compliance, making payroll, and many other functions a snap.
  • Make corrections to the inevitable employee mistakes and still maintain all “original” records.
  • Provide a simple and secure method for employees to clock in and out.
  • Spread the administrative load by assigning Department Supervisors.
  • Award and manage sick, vacation, holiday, PTO, bereavement, and other time.
  • Ease the burden on the HR staff with highly configurable reports and a variety of output choices; screen or print, PDF or XPS electronic document, or Excel files.
  • Allow employees to submit time off, leave a message for the administrator, or view their own hours.

The time card calculator comes in different version and formats. These are simple to use and are an efficient way to increase a company’s effectiveness following employee productivity. The employee’s performance will automatically enlarge if the number of hours at work is recorded through a transparent system. Productivity of an organization is often designed in terms of time. Therefore, employee time management is of extreme importance for a company to keep growing and earning profit. It can boost employee productivity as it decreases chances of time theft and fraud.