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Know everything about Blake Golding

Many people in this world love to serve the people with all their affections. It is like mother Teresa that made the biggest example for helping the people that were having the problem of illness or any other disease. It is all that people love to serve other from the heart. Now here in this article you have the name that is Blake Golding. He is popular for his work and is very much popular all over the world today. Mr. Blake is the honorary colonel of the Canadian army who is also the founder of the Canada Company that is “many ways to serve”. He is himself the chairman of this company. This is the charity company that provides the support for the men and women that serving to the Canadian forces and families.

This is not the end about this person because you have many good companies that he has served for.  He is the leadership council member of the Toronto financial services, and in the past years he was the vice chairman and director of the investment funds institute of Canada. Now he is the member of IFCI. His qualification is BA in economics and that he has done from the University of Toronto. He has also done the master of business administration from INSEAD that is from France. Other than this all he is also the member of the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts, a CFA charter holder and a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

His company that is many ways to serve is running properly and is for the finds that provides to the people that are service the army and their families. he is the man of honor that love to serve people that are trying to serve the army and if you will have the information about this genius and popular person then on the internet you have his own site where he is giving the time to the people to talk to him. Here online you can also book the appointment if you like to meet this popular person.